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Acronym for Continental Youth Championship.
Held every year for the Gaelic (Irish) sports of Irish Football and Hurling/Camogie. Teams from all over for a little more than a weekend and compete in multiple games. There are teams from all over...ex. San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, New Haven, Boston, Chicago, and teams from England and Ireland. A really fun time, especially staying in the hotels.

everyone hates the new york teams they always start fights, cheat, or play dirty.
Previous CYC's

2011- Boston
2010- New York
2009- San Francisco
2008- Philadelphia
2007- Chicago
2006- Boston
by December 26, 2011
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Short form for 'Calm your cunt'. Used in situations where someone is not calm for some ridiculous reason (usually due to the temporary installment of a vagina with a hyperactive cunt). More common in males.
Monty: Dude, I'm so worried about this girl, she's sending me all these mixed signals.
Lewis: Dude CYC!
by SomuDuHai December 10, 2011
1. one male born on the 27th day of January
2. one with the star sign of Aquarius
3. one with the first name of Kim
4. one with inspiration and motivation
5. one with Ashelion
6. one with a love for Ashelion
CyC is forever one with Ashelion
by CyC October 01, 2004

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