Furre, who wants ot know who thinks she's God(dess). Generally strange and irritating. Likes pie.
Cyb: ...Moo. o.o
by Cyb June 27, 2003
Top Definition
Calm Your Balls
Boy 1 : Holy Shit im gonna fail my exam

Boy 2 : Stop freaking out CYB
by OMTLAJBZZ June 23, 2010
Cyb pronounced "sib" is an averaged height caucasian male, that likes to build everything from scratch and come up with crazy ideas.
Cyb has just setup
by Cyb April 11, 2004
Control Yo Bitch
Mayweather told TI to CYB before their fight at Fatburger in Las Vegas.
by adoboJackson September 21, 2015
a 20 year old male who works as a farm hand and enjoys fondling animals. he can often be found masturbating to pictures of fat girls and popping zits on his ruddy, dimpled face. at the age of 21, most cybs will die from either blood loss due to zit popping or consumption of antifreeze.
the farmer fired rock salt at a couple of pesky cybs who were molesting his dairy cow.

did you just see that cyb? he had more white heads than a kkk rally

as part of our cyb promotional offer, order your trial sized proactive today and receive a free black head gun!
by Lord Abbott February 07, 2008
chill your boner, check your bets, clean your bearings, chill your beat
hey dude your gay. Woah cyb.
by sebastian karitauckes May 08, 2009
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