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Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army. Mostly called 'Chief' as a nickname. There are two types of Warrant Officers, 1-technical and 2-Aviator. Since the US Army only has airplanes for dog-n-pony shows, a CWO will most likely be a Black Hawk/Advanced Combat Helicopter Pilot, so show some respect. Although called an 'officer', a CWO is neither an enlisted nor an officer, they are a small breed of specialists that are very high-speed-low-drag individuals that hold their piss for no one. Most Warrants come from 'Mother-Rucker', Alabama.
CWO Jim Johnson, US Army.
by CWO Tobie la Salle April 21, 2008
1. The crew 2. The signal that is used to define the crew 3. The crowd of people that travel perennial toward NC.
Noolian tossed out the cWo sign and geddes did it back.
by Sean December 12, 2004
Cool World Order
Organization whos mission is to spread the COOLness around and gain world domination.
by The DON (CWO HEAD HONCHO) January 20, 2004
A bunch of retarted homos who think they are "da bomb".
But in reality they just sit around giving each other dirty sanchez's
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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