Crack Whore Anonymous
Dude i went to CWA last night and i really think i've gotten recovered.
by Kippy Jonez December 09, 2009
A "gang" in the suburbs outside of Boston standing for Crackers without attitude
See him he is "CWA"
by pythagoras Smith June 02, 2011
Coxing While Asian.

The rowing version of 'DWA'. Asian coxswains suck and have no clue where they're going, frequently cutting you off. One benefit is that they are likely to lose seat races, unless your coach is a total asshole that doesn't want to "discriminate" against them.

Asians should not drive boats.
"Oh my gosh. I thought I was going to shoot myself this morning. That little bitch kept cutting me off and screwing with my course. CWA... never a good idea."
by MaddieXOXO August 28, 2009
A group of faggot white children who enjoy rough anal penetration
Hunter is a part of the CWA
by Gerald Fitzgerald March 08, 2005
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