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Coursework refers to work carried out by students at university or middle / high school that contributes towards their overall grade, but which is assessed separately from their final exams. Coursework can, for example, take the form of experimental work, or may involve research in the sciences. It can comprise dissertations, book reports or essays submitted for arts subjects.
teachers keep giving me cw :( well annoying
by djjkxbox November 19, 2007
CW is Morse Code, a way to communicate with Dots and Dashes over long distances or with computers by light, wire or radio.
I heard a CW signal on the radio last night.
Did you pass the CW portion of the test?
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007
abbreviation for content warning.
acts similarly to a trigger warning, but for content that is not as graphic or that is mentioned only in passing.
Put a cw at the beginning of that article for passing discussion of sexual assault.
by grebr January 24, 2014
camera whore
lucy- "ugh look on fb Courtney just posted another picture of herself"

jenna-"oh my gosh shes such a cw."
by saallume August 19, 2010
Chat whore

Someone who stalks members of a chat room, tries to cyber with it's usual but unsuspecting members enter the room, tries to imply a sexual real world relationship where none exists or just tries to dominate a chat room conversation.

CW: That was fun last night, Bill.
Bill: What?
CW: You know you want it.
Bill: I do?
Tom: I now pronounce you man and CW.
Bill: STFU Tom!
by urbanqwiktionary February 16, 2011
Rude, hates kids, abusive do not under any circumstances date/marry. You have been warned.
cw "make one up"
by Amy you know December 30, 2011
CW stands for Crack Whore. Crack Whore is a girl who's basically addicted to crack.
-Guy speaking to another guy about a CW: Man, that girl was nice before, but now she's a CW!
by Definitonator July 06, 2010
current wife
I told CW to make me a sammich. I'm not holding my breath.
by zenraider November 17, 2011