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CUS ,or Chapped Urethra Syndrome, is a condition in which the urethral area is chapped to an extreme level. This chaffed area can be caused by aggressive intercourse, (ROUGH SEX!) ramming foreign objects/animals into the vaginal area, or just being a sluttyMcslut face, you slut.

So stop putting that "Silver Rabbit" into your cooter, and put a damn padlock on your sandpaper underground. WHORE.

Cures: Not being a hoebag, external creams, not being Ke$ha, home remidies, (including cat urine mixed with mayo) waxing your clitoris, and use a sandpaper/buffer on that badboy.
Symptoms: Your vagina exploding with puss and green crap.
"SHIT. Look at this, I might have that "CUS (Chapped Urethra Syndrome)" ShayShay said she had last week. Damn porch monkeys and their dirty dicks!"

"Damn, this girl I was gonna impregnate has 'dat "CUS (Chapped Urethra Syndrome)", and pussed all ova my dick, yo! I wus like, SHIT CUH, CLEAN DAT PUSS."

"I'd rather have dat Blue Waffle shit than this CUS on my pussy. Damn Jews. I wish Hitler was around!"
by Trish_The_Hebrew May 08, 2010
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