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What happens when some bureaucratic, unreasonable, convoluted, and highly idiosyncratic procedure prevents one from achieving a simple, commonplace goal.
I tried to register for classes today, but I totally got CUNYd: the woman in the registrar's office said I needed to show her my cat's vaccination form before I could sign up.
by xprofx June 23, 2011
(v.) a public attack, generally at an academic presentation of some sort, against a speaker either from the political left or in some way only tangentially related to the content of the presentation. The exchange generally leaves a WTF look on many in the room.
Richard Miller's talk to CUNY Writing Fellows in 2009 about composition in the digital age, during which he was denounced for the slickness and corporate aesthetic of his Keynote slides. "There's no difference between what you've presented and an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal," the questioner said.

Richard Miller got CUNYd.
by Habermarx December 03, 2010
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