Common mispell of the word cunt. Same meaning but used in a more mocking way generally over a internet messenger.
Hey cuny you smell, your cuny reeks of bad pumpkin h0re
by Mike Lawson September 13, 2007
Top Definition
City University of New York. Several college located around the 5 boroughs of NYC. Considered to be a great education for the price you pay, around 3k a year without financing. Most popular ones seem to be Brooklyn(liberal arts?), Hunter (science?), Baruch (business) and CCNY (engineering).
I didn't get into Columbia so I am going to Hunter
by Pengrove Wilcox the 3rd December 08, 2003
Pet name for female genitalia, generally used by people trying to be cute but actually being pervy.
Neale: 'let me put it in your cuny'

Kirstine: 'Fuck off you pathetic perv, you make me think of Gary Glitter....and no you can't put it in my arse either...,'
by FUCKUPHIMA January 24, 2015
a term that can refer to anything and anyone; you can use it to substitute any verb, noun, or adjective. it can be an insult or a compliment.

it can also be a synonym for jawn. it is a universal word that can be used at any time or moment of the day.
- Yo, where you put the cuny?
- What?
- The remote!
- Oh!

- or-
- That girl actin like a cuny. Nobody ever gonna want her.
- Real rap, yo.

- or -
- That pie look so cuny. Man, it look so good!
by Cunita and CuntA <3 April 13, 2011
putting cum on toast and eating it
dude you just ate cuny
by saundalinco October 17, 2011
Most often, a typographical error for "CUNT."
I was with my girl one summer's night, and in the heat of the moment, she yells out, "FUCK MY CUNY!!!"
by Takashi Zhou Kim August 16, 2005
A higher education bureaucracy in New york city that is touted as a "bang for the buck", but in fact is nothing more than a piece of paper that ensures blacks and hispanics a job at the welfare office or as a low level manager at Staples. the advisors that work for them ensure that whites and asians dominate the honors courses so they can continue to brag about how much their education is on par with nyu and Fordham. Note: An A at CCNY is a C at Columbia.
Many of CUNY's Community colleges are nothing more than an alternative to the many proprietary schools that dot NYC.
Software company interviewer: "So, tell me about your education?"
Roberto: "I Graduated at the top of my class at CCNY and i majored in comp science."
interviewer: "what would set you apart from our other candidates?"
Roberto: "mah nigga, i stays blunted and my d$%k game iz tight!"
Job goes to the U of chicago history major. CUNY graduate Roberto gets job at Gamestop
by chiqy18 December 02, 2007
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