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1. A shortened version of come, used in internet chatrooms and instant messaging by sluts who want attention from men and dumb nerds who don’t realize what it means.

2. Fluid excreted by sex organs at point of orgasm.
Slut: why dont you cum over here and fuck me...

Dumb Nerd: cum over and play this new game i found!
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the magical juice that is projected from the peter or released from the poontang at the climax of the one-eyed hokie
jizz;splooge;love juice;product of champions
by Hunter January 12, 2004
339 280
Common misspelling the slang word "come" (noun: semen, verb: orgasm). Origins of misspelling unknown, most often seen on pornographic websites or in the insults of forum trollers.

The actual word "cum" is a latin word meaning "with", supposed to be prounounced "koom".
I come during sex, but everyone else cums.
by Apollyon December 23, 2003
401 343
sticky fluid that comes out of the pussy and penis; tasty
when u have an orgasm
by tania kirn November 01, 2003
104 55
salty, white, thick substance that escapes from the lower genital regions while finshing intercourse, masterbating, or experiencing an orgasm.
"Spit or Swallow?"

"Mmm..I want you to suck my cock till I cum baby"

"Your cum tastes salty"
by KristenFandMorganL January 01, 2009
90 45
Cum, or hot white sticky love piss is often extruded from the male phallus when he reaches an orgasm. Affectionatly known as 'burping the worm' or 'blowing your nuts'this can be acheived in a number of ways.
Namely when the phallus or spam javlin is caressed in a vigourous and well exercised manner or inserted into a females vagina or panty hamsterand rammed home.

Women can experience 'cuming' too but they have the ability to mask it from whomever they are with. And often do so forthwith.
"I'm gonna cum", exlaimed Steve, as he 'burped the worm' in Sandra's face
by Link January 21, 2005
100 56
Sperm. some white shit that comes out of a dick.
When Ariana sucked Zac's dick, she had cum all over her face.
by kiwistheshit February 01, 2009
68 30