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The coolest place ever in University of Maryland, College Park

Features such characters as:
Pussy Hands McGee, OTG, Jerry Curl, Sandy the Gay thief, Burn Out, Dick Leg, Neandertall, Fagly, Sexstaban, Daycare, Dave, Steven Hawking, Herb, roid berg sketchroid judge judy, wild and wacky wollins, Wii would like to play, chriten, Deaf Fuck, Frugal Jew1, Frugal Jew 2, Hardon Sour Kraut, Token, and Lois the virgin
Guy 1: Dude lets go to Disneyland its so cool
Guy 2: Fuck you bitch I'm going to CUM 5
Guy 1: Why didn't I think of that.
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008

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