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Stands for College Town Life. It is a phrase popularly used on twitter.
@_______ Just got dome from a slampiece. #CTL

@_______ Pregaming the pregame. #CTL

@_______ Studying? No. Raging. Yes. #CTL
by DilfPiece April 30, 2011
Conspiracy Theory Lover. Someone who loves to find out about all types of conspiracies. The main character in the 1997 movie: Conspiracy Theory, Jerry Fletcher, sees conspiracies everywhere.
Had a chat with a 9-11 truther & tickled my CTL spot... good follow-up to the movie this weekend! It'll go on the same shelf as my JFK stuff
by EditGirl October 04, 2011
CTL abreviation for "Cross the line"
dude, you CTL'd pretty bad there... : /
by shane October 31, 2004
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