Can't type for shit. Sometimes referred to as CTFS syndrome. Popularized in internet chatrooms as an "excuse" for horrible typos.
<jenny> i tttal didn't see that.
<all> huh? what? ???
<jenny> bah, stupid ctfs syndrome

<nathan> u jbew
<others> ctfs strikes again!
by Lady Shaly January 10, 2008
Clyde, the fuck?
From South Park season 13, episode 7: Fatbeard.
Clyde, the fuck (CTF)?

You said there was gonna be crystal clear lagoons and treasure and plunder...
by apetastic November 13, 2010
A texting or e-mail term for "Calm the fuck",which basically means calm the fuck down.Or if your trying to be nice "Calm down."
Person 1:What the fuck man you were supposed to be here 10 mins ago!
Person 2:CTF!I wanted to get food first.
by Awesomenesspersonalive April 14, 2009
Calm the Fuck
Man... You need to CTF
by Kevin Menzel April 25, 2009
capture the flag!
Best used in Starsiege: Tribes
d00d I g0t a 41 second cap @ scarabrae w/my scout and energy pack. N00b tried to use a blaster and fly. hooha (Enemy Generator Destoyed.)
by FragOnaRag June 11, 2003
basically blowing your load way too early on a sexual occasion... do it and i can guarantee the chick won't ever see you again.
Just looking at your mom makes me CTF.
by yallsbeenchillin May 03, 2003
Kerim is retarded cause I copyrighted this word.
See you in court, douche bag Fiona.
by C T F RETARD May 03, 2003

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