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its abbreviation for Cross The Canal a.k.a Cut Throat City thats located in da lower ninthward in new orleans.u have upfront where them orangestore boys grind n backatown where da oldest n thuggish set in da 9 caffin n galvez
we from dat 9 n we dont mind die cuz C.T.C Cross The Canal dats where them soljaz dwell--"graveyard souljaz"
by shaggy9 September 05, 2007
13 8
(n) shorthand for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a supersaturation of sugar conveniently molded into 3/4" square cereal bits.

Combined with milk, each bowl of CTC will inch you deliciously closer to a cinnamon-laden diabetic coma.

"I'm feeling like Cinnamon Toast Crunch"? Better check your blood sugar, fatty!
I just rocked a bowl of CTC for dinner, but why are my toes numb?
by MLinDC August 05, 2010
2 0
Cut The Check
If Labels wanna talk tellem CTC
by SHADYVILLE213 January 09, 2010
4 2
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
cinnamon sugar swirls in every bite! woohoo CTC!
by batarange September 28, 2008
8 6
Cut the check.

Meaning to get paid or being concerned with getting paid.
All I care about is C.T.C.
by J. Marshall October 16, 2007
4 2
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Deliciously crunchy cereal squares with real cinnamon and sugar in EVERY BITE!
I just chomped down on a fatty bowl of CTC!

Hey man, hook me up with some CTC!
by BroFo;) November 30, 2010
1 1
abbreviation for "cross the canal," referring to New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, which lies across the Industrial Canal. Also known as cutthroat city.
Wohdi stay all the way downtown, CTC.
by Jamal89 April 24, 2010
2 2