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3 definitions by Shan101

One who likes to get fucked in the butt
man Katarina really likes to getting a shaudy
by Shan101 July 22, 2008
CTC= collect the cheque
man that waiter was the worst at CTC'ing
by Shan101 July 22, 2008
when a man shoves his penis in to the girls vag
there i was i knocked on jens door and it swong open there jen was eating out her friend colleen i becam so dam horney i just sat there and watched them for 30 minutes then i told colleen to like in a doog positing and for jen to go on top of her i started to fuck them in and out from colleen to jen on and on
the shannon came in her pussy was soaking wet i tickeled it and i knew that she was going to have the best orgasm so i begam to fuck her i knew that when i fucked her i would start cumming then i would give everyone facials

i talk about that night to all my friends that sex was the best night of my life
by Shan101 July 22, 2008