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dane cooks padded cement truck and when he drives his friends are in back spinning. and he feeds them watermelon jolly ranchers. cuz watermelon is teh best kind of jolly rancher and if you say its not and green apple is i will stab you in the jaw.
tHE CT- 2004 is my new ride.
by the brother May 02, 2006

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Dane Cook's cement truck with padded cement drum for his friends to roll around in whilst eating watermelon Jolly Rancher candies. Dane custom made the 40" rims on the CT2004 in his basement out of aluminum foil and ornaments. Makes Dane feel like a BAMF while driving it.
Dane Cook's ride, the CT2004.
by BAMFmobile October 07, 2008
A vehicle that is surprisingly similar to a cement truck, because that's what it is. Popularized by Dane Cook.
"I was driving around in my CT 2004, when i noticed that i noticed i jizzed in my pants"
by xfuzzballx February 12, 2009