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CS2D is a short for Counter-Strike 2D that is a 2D clone of the most famous FPS game: Counter-Strike.

But note the CS2D is made by Unreal Software and CS (original) is made by Valve Software. These software creators aren't afilliated.

You can download it - it's free, doesn't need any CD, it's 'light' (ultra small size, not even 1 gb!) - download is 2-4 minutes in maximum! For Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7 and Intel MacOS X. 100% No spyware or malware (virus, trojans, etc). TESTED.
John Lazlo: Let's play CS2D!
Kevin Fredin: I don't have the disk...
John Lazlo: Dude, I mean Counter-Strike, but 2D!


John L.: I'm gonna pwn you lil' Kev!
Kevin F.: I have beaten you at de_cs2d, de_dust, cs_office, now what?
John L.: Go to Map Editor and build a Construction map!
Kevin F.: Nice! Good idea.


Kevin F.: Ahah, your "con_destructo_v1.1" sucks!
John L.: Oh yeah?
*John The MaxNaz RPG Laucher KevKevin The Slennin*
by R0DR1G0 May 17, 2009
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