CS Player (see'ess play'uh) noun' : An immature faggot, also knows as tard, n00b, cocksucker and all things derogatory
by Clontarf_X June 14, 2003
Top Definition
People whose soul meaning in life is to spend the majority of their time alone in their room,with a stack of old crusty porn mags,and Counter Strike playing 24/7 on their monitor.
Average CS players appearance is something akin to a mole with no fur,their eyes are red and swollen,and dried open,their skin is the color of porridge..more often than not seen at lans complete with buzzing flies,a large bucket nearby for toilet needs and the biggest stack of cheese and tomato pizzas you ever laid eyes on.
by Anthony Ainsworth March 04, 2003
A person who enjoy's playing a computer game and is often the target of 1 million and 1 pay-outs, usualy made by people with an IQ smaller than there underwear size who obviously have problems in their day-to-day lives and decide to vent their frustration by creating interesting analogys and applying them to CS Players. Usualy they themselves suffer from or are an example of said analogys.
A person who plays counter-strike is a CS Player.
by Strik3r March 09, 2003
Also see lamer, haxor, cheater, aimbot
"CS CS CS!!1 I haev t3h ch34tzz!!11!1"
by Admiral Justin March 05, 2003
people who paly a game and thats it
no one gives a shit about what you say. Take a shower you stupid pricks cause you all stink.
by uber ninjatehutzoto March 06, 2003
omg, omg im such a noob 'l33t' 12 year old gay (from i-14)
Those people from i-14
by Tom March 18, 2003
ron chan
OMG OMG Im soo 1337 i can HS u!!!

OMG OMG i got HSed u hax0r!!!
by roflmao March 09, 2003
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