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Also known as the Cinnamon Roll Penis Challenge. For the first step one must take a generous coating of lube and slather it all over their flaccid penis. Once their shaft gets nice and hard they must roll it in about 250ml of only the finest cinnamon. Once the rod has a thick covering, slowly walk over to your girlfriend or wife and place it gently in her mouth. Make sure it is firmly placed in there and only the testicles remain out. The woman has to be able to lick or suck all the cinnamon off in under 60 seconds. If she chokes, coughs, or splutters the challenge is over. Clean up and feel free to try again. If she manages to complete this achievement. The man should wear a brown colored bandana in his back pocket to school or work the next day to prove that they have achieved success. If they wear the bandana and have not completed the challenge anyone has permission to knock them unconscious.
"-Yo dude, is that a brown bandana in his pocket?
-Yeah, sure is. He must've done the CRPC
-Lucky bastard."

"-Hey man, look, that guys wearing the bandana is his pocket.
-That's bullshit i was with him all night last night.
-Lets go knock his ass out
-What a fucking douche bag
-I can't believe the nerve"
by fdiggity July 16, 2014
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