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A school located in the made up suburb of north keilor in the western suburbs of melbourne. Only year 7-10, with classrooms where the blinds fall of the windows, the air conditioners dont work, the computers can be hacked, breeding ground for wannabe muzza metro fags, where the teachers are more concerned about uniform than grades, they make you sit on the floor for a two hour school assembly, recently turned 25(how it survived i really dont know) some memorable teachers being Mr. Horan, Mr. Perry, Mr. Palmer, Mrs.Mullan, Mr. Verberne, Mr. Maggris, where the water being turned off is a regular occurance, the crazy maintanence guy, where the teeny boppers can rub up against eachother for $20 at the school social, where if the year 10s dont behave they dont get a "farewell photo", where fights happening in the park, walking to safeway, getting chips from the chicken shop (used to get them from humpty's), smoking at the back of the oval, air conditioners falling out of the ceiling, windows being broken, arts night is the main event on the college calender, with compulsory sports days, three groups, muzza, the group that no-one cares about, geeks/freaks
Person: What school do you go to?
Student: CRC NK
Person: You poor bastard
by CRC NK June 17, 2008

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