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Club Penguin Private Server, otherwise known as CPPS. You can swear, date, use special codes and commands (!ai (add item), !af (add furniture), !ui (update igloo) or !igloo, !ui (update floors) or !floor, !um (update music) or !music) for many things, talk to people&it'll show (not like CP where you have to abbreviate/seperate the word -.-)

So this is technically the same thing as CP(Club Penguin), but it's for teens... The first time joined one... (HPPS), I was so happy. I got a boyfriend and like a lot of friends, and it's amazing.
(1) Me: I have to say... HPPS is probably the best CPPS ever.

Bf: Yea, Hey so remember when that guy freaked out because someone said they were gonna kill a squirrel?

Me: Yea that was some crazy shit that happened...

Bf: Mhmm...

(2) Dude type in !ai 413 for the Beta Hat!

(3) Me: Hey ______! Did you see that slnt like, hit on every boy she saw? Including my boy!
BFF: Yeah that little wh*re

Me: Agreed! Let's go virtually kick her a$$ LOL
BFF: I'm down for that sh!t.
by WafflesXlmfao June 17, 2011
Short for C Plus Plus (C++)
A object orientated programming language which followed up on the C programming language.

Also the extention of a source file for a program to be compiled by a codecompiler/code.
eg; Hello.cpp

"CPP is spitting out all these wierd errors, wooaaahh!"
by BelgainDSoul August 11, 2003
CPPS, as known was 'Club Penguin Private Server' is an alternative multiplayer

game server from Disney Club Penguin where you can get free membership, set up a

custom status, name-glow and other accessories. You can use server commands such

as: !ai (add items) !ac (add coins) CPPS are only meant for players 13+ or

above. CPPS is also popular for meeting other people online, or as we know as

Online Dating, basically eHarmony for teenagers. CPPS also has a dark side to

it. It is infested with trolls, hackers, anti-social people

(people that give up on real life and decide to live their lives on the

inter-webs) and perverts. Most people you meet on there are wannabe hardcore

trolls, pretending to be superior and feel better about themselves when they put

others down.
Person 1: Have you been on a CPPS
Person 2: No, I have a life
by ItsBrian32 June 12, 2013
Closest Park Possible Syndrome. Used to label the obsession of obtaining the closest carpark possible at the expense of time, petrol and passenger sanity. Typically a female trait, but not limited to.
FFS, what have you got? CPPS? Just park the car here...
by Matty Purtell July 08, 2004
n. Capital P Player; not a regular player, but THE Player.

n. a man who has the power to secure sex within hours of meeting a woman.
That dude made out with different girls every weekend. He's a CPP.
by Duylicious CPP March 14, 2010
A Club Penguin Private Server (more commonly abbreviated/known as a CPPS), is an online multiplayer game that is not part of Club Penguin, however, it uses Club Penguin .swf files, a database, and programming code in order to create an environment similar to Club Penguin. Despite controversy, it is legal to play them. You can obtain ANY item, get coins without earning them, look like mascots, wear custom items (doesn't apply to all CPPSes), swear (not on all CPPSes), hang out in custom rooms (not in all CPPSes), use member only features without paying for membership, get bait items, teleport to rooms, talk in private chat (not on all CPPSes), and battle on snowball servers, etc.. (not on all CPPSes). Popular CPPS managers/moderators are Bane, iRath96, Tybone10, Cyberwolf, Cooldude170/Grimz, Rile5, Ross, Stanley, and John!
Guy 1: Wow I just joined a the most custom CPPS ever!
Guy 2: I love CPPSes! They're so much better than actual Club Penguin!
by CPPS October 13, 2014
1.An excellant programming language
2.To imply something is excellant
3.To reaplce a word you do not know
1. I programming in cpp.
2. HOLY FUCK this pie is cpp.
3. Yea just pick up the cpp.
by John Port September 12, 2003

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