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crazy piner dyke. them bitches is crazy and you definently dont want to start a fight with one.
crystal cahoon is one cpd
by ihatesmith February 21, 2005
12 19
Crazy Poop Drunk. The state of being drunk to the point of crazy poopness.
Frank: what do you wanna do tonight?
Joe: Lets get CPD!
by cc09 October 17, 2009
16 5
Compulsive Procrastination Disorder ( CPD ) - is a clinical psychological disorder, in which procrastination cannot be avoided. The diagnosed will find any means necessary to procrastinate.
*Phone Rings*
Guy 1: " Hello "
Caller: "hey man, it john, you still game for study sesh tonight ? "
Guy 1: " uh... sorry man, my mom just called, she needs a foot rub"
Caller: "Dude, you have a problem, you need to get real. CPD is not cool man, not cool."
by Doctor Crusty Pimple, MD March 29, 2010
9 1
The multiple instances of the California Police Department.
I managed to escape one, but the rest of the CPDs were able to track me down.
by PopperDictionary June 07, 2013
1 0
This is what people from Columbus, Ohio call the Columbus Police Department (usually a police car, or patty wagon)
"Oh shit, nigga put that blunt down, and put your seatbelt on, CPD comin' driving towards us.
by iRep614 September 05, 2008
8 9
CPD means "Crap Pad Day." Pad crap happens when a player of ITG or DDR gets a bad judgement score, whether it is a miss or a way off. This usually happens on bad machines or ones that aren't kept well.
"Hey David, how was your day?" - Josh
"Oh, it was a CPD." - David
by DJ Digital Rave March 21, 2006
7 16