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a truly messed up Sesame Street character gone wrong. They took my beloved cookie eating monster away from me and replaced him with this son of a bitch"the veggie monster." No one cares if your child is fat, it's just a show, how about better parenting. The song "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me" has been changed to "A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food,". Bullshit.
fat little son of a bitch: do you re3member the cookie monster?
me: yea, its fat little kids like you that got him changed to the veggie monster.
by BSBSBSBS June 23, 2007
1. An act of betrayal.
2. A traitor to a cause.
1. "Oh, damn I forgot to mention I'm dating your stepmom."
"After I gave you my trust? That's a veggie monster!"

2. "I can't stay for chess club. I'm in the AV club now."
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
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