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To agree with or give your approval.
-Dickens is great literature
-Yes, Hoff Hoff I Concur
-It seems Doctor his uveula is loged in his treachea
-I concur.
by Captininsanity December 30, 2005
The greatest word in the WORLD. To agree with something.
Jamey concurs with Catie that CONCUR is the greatest word in the UNIVERSE.
by C-Bu November 17, 2003
Best used in the movie with Leonardo di Caprio and Tom Hanks. Catch Me If You Can. Cool movie with a true story by the way.
Phony Famous Doc: Dr Harris?
Cluless but skilled doctor: Yes?
Phony Famous Doc: Do you concur?
Cluless but skilled doctor: Concur with... what, sir?

See it. Then you'll understand. By the time you're reading this, it's probably on TV anyway.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 20, 2005
Agree. Don't be fooled by its simplicity; if used too often it sounds lame and makes the (over)user appear as if he/she is trying rather hard to sound like an intellectual.
Marty: That movie was bad. I mean it was 'hold-your-nose' bad.

Corey: I concur.
by Diggity Monkeez December 30, 2004
The smart way of saying "I agree"
Sally: I love these shoes!
Bernard: I concur!
by Quimps October 27, 2010
to agree and go along with an opinion. Thats how you get in the biz and how you get your pickle tickled; you concur!
"I concured with Tylar that Green Day was an awsome band!"
by Anne April 18, 2005
to understand, not to agree, just understand.
boy: i need you to go to the store and buy me a box of cereal
boy2: i concur.
by hankthetank November 30, 2006