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1.Shouted (at enormous volume) when first realising it is kicking off, firstly to let your boys know that "those other cunts arent getting away with this", and also, to: strike the fear of death into their very soles. Aided greatly by the consumption of premium lager (preferably stella).

2.Screamed at the television, whilst in the pub, in a bid to spur on ones choice of football team.

3.The act of ejaculating on several males.
1.(Walking out of a club to see your mate has incited violence by trying to pull a bird infront of her boyfriend and is getting filled in) "COME ON LADS!!!" Run over and rap a bottle round his face.

2.(England have scored a crucial goal) "COME ON LADS!!!" "This ginger cunt is well better than that swedish twat".

3.The directors reply when the fresh faced debutant of a gay pornographic movie enquires "what do I need to do boss?"
by Big Penguin October 05, 2006