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A tactic surmised by angry girlfriends that consists of making the player feel guilty about playing call of duty instead of spending quality time with each other.
Steve: Dude I wanted to get three more rounds of COD in, but my girlfriend was just sitting next to me looking pissed. I couldn't take the guilt so I just quit and took her to the mall.

Mike: Sounds like a COD block to me.
by Athletic Prowess December 04, 2009
The act of preventing people, usually male, from playing Call of Duty, otherwise known as C.O.D. Females are the most typical COD Blockers.
"Jessica, why can't you just leave? You're being such a COD Block."

"I really wanted to play some COD with you last night, man, but she was being such a COD Block."
by CODLuvr November 29, 2009
C.O.D abbrv. for Call Of Duty a popular video game series, to C.O.D block is to purposely or accidentally interfere with a network connection of an online match by using an internet connection from a phone, PC, etc. which causes an unpleasant "lag" for the player.
Dude what the fuck?!?!, GET OFF the computer you're totally C.O.D blocking me!
by Fatal_Fart August 23, 2010
when somebody walks in front of the screen while you are playing some hardcore call-of-duty
mom look out you're cod-blocking
by jammer18 February 05, 2011
A person who steals your kill at key moments in any call of duty or online FPS game, and gets full credit for said kill.
Mike: Dude, this guy just stole my kill! WHAT A FREAKING COD-BLOCKER!!!!!!!

Damon: hahaha pwnd
by dante0220 July 25, 2010
The act of having your kill stolen by someone else. Much like a cock block but for Call of Duty players who want a nifty name.
P!: "HOLY REINDEER PENIS! My kill was stolen by that noob a FREAKING gain!!"

P2: "CoD Block's a bitch my friend."
by JuStJoSh1n January 02, 2012
When some one stops you from playing call of duty
Friend 1-"Hey why didnt you get on last night"
Friend 2- "Sorry Bro, my dad Cod Blocked me"
by Quadblock September 06, 2011
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