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The individual has usually never played or owned previous Call Of Duty games before Modern Warfare 1 or 2.

The individual Ages of COD Faggots range from, but are not limited to 10 to 17 years.

The individual LOVES to comment on YouTube gun videos and "show off" his knowledge of firearms; knowledge acquired through Call Of Duty, and numerous internet searches(mostly wikipedia) inspired by Call Of Duty.

Most of the individuals also get Airsoft versions of they favorite Call of duty weapons.

Most importantly COD Faggots usually cannot purchase their own Call Of Duty games, because either The individual cannot afford to purchase them, or are not 17+ years of age to comply with the ESRB rating of most call of duty games.
The COD Faggot rages after losing his killstreak on a Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3.
by drunkmunkyy December 31, 2011
Top Definition
Also known as COD Fag. A COD Faggot can be identified if the person plays constantly and/or talks about COD (Particularly MW2) all the time. COD Faggotness is sometimes also seen as a un-official disease since it seems to spread like one except with the symptoms of a COD Fagoot.

How to determine symptoms of being a COD Faggot:

- The individual gets all of their military knowledge based off of COD.

- The individual thinks they know everything military related because they play COD

- The individual rants about how amazing one particular Weapon or Perk is in MW2

- The individual constantly brags to others on how they can "rape" another person with a certain weapon in COD MW2

- The individual will talk to other COD Fags about how high their KD ratio or what prestige they are at.

- Most importantly, the individual will deny all aspects of being a COD Fag in a defensive manner and will defend the game title.

If you see signs of these symptoms in yourself or another, we recommend you see a therapist or shoot yourself in the face since COD Faggotness will in most cases be permanent.

Remember: Where theres one COD Fag theres always a group of COD Fags.
Cod Fag 1: "Dude I can totally rape you with the Thumper"

Cod Fag 2: "Naw man i'll call an AC-130 on your ass"

Cod Fag 3: "Screw that i'll go Akimbo UMPs and kill all of you"

Non-Cod Fag: "Would you bunch of COD Faggots shut the fuck up already?"
by Jihad Squad March 09, 2010
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