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Formerly the tactical World War 2 game Chain Of Command, and now the similar tactical World War 2 game Call Of Combat. Pretty cool, high learning and mastery curve.

Chain Of Command blew up along with 2am.com. There are rumors that it will come back (Under heavy costs to play it) but since Call Of Combat is an exact clone...
by Kenthar November 12, 2003
21 19
Code of Conduct
Obey the COC.
by umsalien January 11, 2004
26 25
Cock Out of Commission.

An expression used to define a mans will power not to get an erection while dancing with a woman.
"Dude, did you COC?"
by myckel May 11, 2008
10 10
A cap of crap, usually a tenth of a gram of speed in a capsule
I swallowed 3 cocs today so i'll be up all night.
by Dread Pirate Rob February 04, 2010
12 14
Abbreviation of 'Cup of Coffee' commonly used for ease of speech and hours of predictable innuendo.
'Fancy a coc?'
'I had a a coc before, it was really big but I've had better at Starbucks'
by Roochie Shelley November 27, 2006
8 14
Captains of Crush.. SWOLdiers who are bout that F.F.F LIFE. Killin Lads and Crushin Abercrombie n Snitches.. They make earthquakes in local gyms and fitness centers. On vacations they stay in trap houses and measure Pre workout powders on triple beams.. Streets from Miami to New Orleans are littered with .50 cal shells and empty Jim Beam bottles because of these goons..At the docks makin deals and at Fuddruckers eatin meals, cause we're smart...
Damn those C.O.C Team ALPHA Goons fucked my girl, fought my homeboy, and drank all our whiskey..
by GOONSQUAD112233 October 12, 2011
3 10
Connoisseurs of Cannabis.

COC is a baller group in Vegas that know the ins and outs of the use and assortments of marijuana (weed).

**Qualifications include: knowledge of how to hit a pipe, bubbler, blunt, water bong, steamroller... or whatever the pothead might be using to smoke out of, the different types of weed, prices, quality, hookups, & how to use your "high" to benefit you.


**Members smoke weed everyday.
"COC" is one who can recognize when they are receiving a good offer, and are going to get high, because they can tell the quality of the marijuana before even smoking it.
by Infiniti / Steph August 17, 2009
20 28