Internet talk, short for Christ On A Bike.
"Hey, Bernard, look at that fool"

by JFY July 29, 2009
quite simply, a "coab" is a cute oriental asian boy.

who, although not included in the acronym, must also be smart and nice.
VERYYYYYY hard to find these days because they are kind of endangered...
although, of course, there ARE a few(:

so one day...all those "oag"s (oriental asian girls) will find their "coab".
in the meantime, all the girls can do is obsess over potential coabs and...focus on being a nerd and getting into u penn.
AHHHHHH he has the whole emo hair thing going! Lets casually walk by to check and see if hes a true coab!

he was *that close* to being a coab. sighhh, mind as well focus on getting into u penn before worrying about that coab again.
by lalala-sunshine February 14, 2010
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