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Acronym. Stands for Cornish National Liberation Army. Also known as the Cornish Republican Army (CRA).

A terrorist organisation that is against anything 'English'. Their purpose is to make Cornwall, a county of England, its own recognised country. Supposedly has received training from the Provisional IRA.

Claim to have around thirty members, although some people believe they consist of just a mad professor, two skinheads and an ex-British army serviceman.

To date, they have been responsible for arson and vandalism attacks against anything considered to be part of the English establishment, and for burning a number of English flags. Which goes to show they are one of the most laughable and useless terrorist groups going.
Ooh arr, I pissed on a bed of roses and kicked a bulldog today. Go, CNLA!
by Public Enemy Number 42 June 16, 2008
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