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Cheating my fucking ass off.
My gf is out of town this weekend so i'll be cmfao
by seanrock August 02, 2009
22 8
Cycling My Fucking Ass Off.
Quincy on the phone: Hell are ya? Barby is almost ready.

Maks: CMFAO dude. Will be there in time.

Quincy: Swag Broventine
by MrBombasticFantastic February 22, 2012
1 0
crying my fuckin ass off

used the same way lmfao is used for laughing my fuckin ass off
A: "Sup B??"
B: "Nuthin Much, CMFAO"
A: "Wut Happened??"
B: "My Girl Dumped Me and Aborted My Baby ="
by sum real shit December 10, 2007
10 16
cussin my fuckin ass off.
"ahh! i'm cussing my fuckin..."

"dude, you can just say cmfao. duh."
by caitlyn leeeeeeeeeee! June 03, 2008
1 20