(Career limiting maneuver)

A action that limits future job prospects or career.
taking a dump on the boss' chest was a big C.L.M
by Man amung lessers December 05, 2009
Top Definition
Career-limiting move
Kissing his boss' wife turned out to be a CLM for Hank.
by Bella L. May 12, 2003
Career Limiting Maneuver - When you do something stupid in front of co-workers that can potentially cause you to never move up in the company.
It was a complete CLM the way she got caught hooking-up with her boss in the mans bathroom at the holiday party!
by bud86 December 11, 2007
An acronym commonly used in the workplace to define a 'career limiting move'.
Michael got up and left the room while the managing director was speaking.
Justin - "oooh, that's a CLM right there"
by It's a swan February 16, 2010
Chillin Like-a Mufucka (CLM)-A state of vegetating, marinating, or just loafing. Kickin it with your friends and not worrying about any other plans. While on a vacation, not doing anything but relaxing.
"Hey Weezy, you wanna go ATV'n with a bunch of people today?"

Na man, I'ma do some CLM'n
by jwatz7 March 03, 2012
Abbreviation of Chuckling Like Mad.
To be used like lol, lmao, pmsl etc.
I'm so bored in class... I just made a pie graph of my favourite bars and a bar graph of my favourite pies. Clm :)

It was so funny I clmed :D
by ThisIsPurePassion October 28, 2009
Crazy Love Making.
How about some CLM tonite in my crib???
by preckan October 09, 2009
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