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Acronym for:
Currently laughing at what you said.
Synonym for LOL.
Pronounced (CLAW-wis)
Tom: I fell down the stairs at school today.
by MC Jiggy J June 25, 2005
all over one self; not giving any space ot human being
the gurl was to clawy she didnt give the man a chance to breath
by Lushi0usS March 13, 2005
all over one self ; not giving any space
shes so clawy and all over me
by Lushi0usS March 13, 2005
Possessing many claws or large claws. OR being a thirsty ho tryna claw at another person's significant other.
Man these bitches be so clawy for Erica's man.
by juicybodaciouslady23 November 02, 2015
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