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Escort termonology
Call in Experience / Escort
I am feeling horny but don't want to go out, anyone up for a CIE?
by Kazzim November 08, 2007
Cock in ear. A sexual act made popular by a song of the same name by the band Wrestle With Jimmy.
"Main and Franklin is the place to be, to get a CIE in Wilkes-Barre."
by mayor maccheese February 22, 2005
Coney Island Express/Cash in Express

-A Coney Island founded crew that does all around city damage.
Yo you down with CIE?
by unknown unavailable July 19, 2005

A method of payment by which an employer pays their employees by inserting cash currency in an envelope, and transmits it to the employee by handing it to them. As opposed-to: ACH, Check.
1. I got my CIE payment today from the boss.
by michael January 25, 2005
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