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Shortening of 'Chronic', street slang for very strong skunk marijuana - Often heard used on South London housing estates.
"Blud, you need to go and link with Redeye. He's got some heavy CHRO!"
by DC December 10, 2004
28 6
Eastern European slang for "large ass hole".

commonly used.
bill: chros's freak me out.
Betty: why do large ass holes freak you out?
bill: just because -.-
by Lady Hamster January 22, 2011
6 2

Pronunciation: (CH-Row)

Definition: The top of the crack of your ass.
"When Stacey bent over you could TOTALLY see her chro!"

by Kelita Neutrino March 27, 2008
2 12
also log man takes it doesnt he badgerbadgerbadger mwhahaha
ye i take chro, dont do drugs init
by hmmmmm April 15, 2005
3 16