Used by teachers to talk about going to have a drink after work. Ususlly in front of the children.
"Choir practice is on tonight"
"Will you be at choir practice?"
by DonnaM April 16, 2006
Top Definition
Used in Law Enforcement, Police etc. to indicate to fellow co-workers that they will be meeting after the shift to indulge in some liquid refreshments. (May even be stated over the car radios to alert the entire shift)
"Meet you after work, choir practice tonight"
by Jim L (NFPD, RETIRED) September 06, 2007
taking a very painful shit that makes you scream in pain, most likely from eating a lot of taco bell.
laine: why is he screaming in there?
tricia: probably choir practice.
laine: oh yeah.
by FuckErRightInThePussy September 26, 2015
Slang for a woman going to see a man named singer for sex
Jb fully just went to choir practice i saw her sneak out
by CEO of choir practice April 28, 2011
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