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CanadianGunNutz - A Internet forum composing of firearm enthusiast from hunting, target shooting, self defense, and collecting. It has been touted as an organized lobby group by Gun Control organization such as Coalition for Gun Control a lobby group.
I go on CGN every day
by Ian Tsay October 25, 2010
48 6
Stands for crazy go nuts, derived from cgnu (crazy go nuts university) from homestarrunner.com.
GMFattay was p00ning sooooooo many palooka noobs! it was CGN!!!
by GMFattay August 20, 2005
8 8
A CGN is a Computer Game Nerd who spends all their time on the computer Playing games. These Type of Nerds, Dont go outside (clearly) And have extremly bad taste, And no life. When people Tell them that its Just a game, they want to get "all up in your face" -P.A.H.S
Jackie Zalewiski -@ Linda. I cant believe She ruined my first adoption thread.
Raevyn marie- Itsz just a game.
Jackie Zalewiski- @raevyn Omg your slang is making my head hurt your so stupid
Raevyn Marie- Omqqq yu are such A CGN Liik really.
by Raevyn mariie August 03, 2010
4 6