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a group of kids who like to spend they're nights having sausage fests which is the equivalent of a girls night out. In the summers they skate and put cgk on everything. They talk loudly for no reason at all and like to say zac under their breath. They also like men. They reside in Auburn NY. The full definition of CGK is cool gay kids.
kid 1:yo there was this kid writing writing on the desk today in class.

kid 2:yeah man that was probably just some kid in CGK, those pigs.
by whisperingzac1313 January 23, 2009
The infamous crime community of Coral Gables Killers. Now merged with Coconut Grove to have formed Cocogables Killers.
Larry: I love livin' in the CG, always knowin' the CGK's got my back!
Gerald: Word.
by Sao De April 01, 2007
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