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custom firmware. used to put ISO games on your PSP
Guy 1: "How are playing games on your PSP without a UMD?"

Guy 2: "I have cfw."
by Julian Da Great October 15, 2009
Can't Fuckin' Wait. A term used for when one is very excited.
This is gonna be the best night ever. CFW

Geoffrey: Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see you tonight!
Lauren: Me neither, CFW
by HoldenPhrases April 12, 2011
Literally meaning Custom Firmware. The process is mainly created using A Magic Memory Stick (MMS), modded firmware found anywhere using Google, and last but not least, a Pandora Battery. Come on, lets face it. It's the REAL reason we bought a PSP for. No one buys games anymore for the damn handheld. Surprisingly we got the Nintendo Wii too. Good job. >:)

Kid #1:Hey how the hell do you play so many games off one Disc?!

Kid #2: It's called CFW, noob. Should learn to hack your PSP.

Kid #1: Can't you do it?

Kid #2: Hahaha, good fucking luck making me.
by Sephirion/Taeron November 12, 2010
Chicks Fuck Winners
Lucas: I can't get a girl

Paul: Don't worry Lucas we are national champions! CFW!

Lucas: You're right... SICK alaskan mudslide tonight
by truesayer September 10, 2010
Chronic fatigue of the wang. Occurs after vigorous and repeated sexual activity.
Mike's girlfriend just got back from college a week ago...you can bet he's got a bad case of CFW now.
by Kyle_29 December 06, 2006