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Can't Fuckin' Wait. A term used for when one is very excited.
This is gonna be the best night ever. CFW

Geoffrey: Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see you tonight!
Lauren: Me neither, CFW
by HoldenPhrases April 12, 2011
Another word for derriere, behind & bum.
Lauren: Oops! I just knocked over that glass with my ghoulie!
Geoffrey: Oh, you and your ghoulie!
by HoldenPhrases May 16, 2011
When there is a lot going on and you just want to dance and have a good time. Hammer is interchangeable for any item that is in your hand when you are ready to dance.
Geoffrey: Oh my god, this meeting is so boring.
Lauren: Are we ever gonna get to the club?
Donovan: I know I just wanna dance and wave my hammer.
Meng: Me too, CFW
by HoldenPhrases May 16, 2011
Drunk Slut. A term commonly used when one is appearing to behave drunken and disorderly in public, when in all actuality they are simply sober and looking to have a good time.
Geoffrey: Why is that bitch stumbling?
Lauren: Oh, she's such a DS.
by HoldenPhrases May 16, 2011

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