Acronym for: "Cute From A Distance"

Pronounced: ("See-Fad")
Gender: Neutral

Used to identify either physical or personal attractiveness.

Observing someone from a distance that is initially attractive. As that person approaches closer, (and a better physical view or personality perspective is available) the initial attractiveness dissipates.

Person #1 - " Hey, did you see the woman over by the checkout line?
Person #2 - (after walking over for a closer look and returning) "Yeah, she's CFAD"


Person #1 - (a woman who has been validated as attractive) "Man, she is hot".
Person #2 - "Dude, per personality is CFAD"...
by InCommon December 03, 2010
Top Definition
An acronym meaning "catch fire and die". Usually used in a non-serious sense, although it has been known to be used with hostile intent.
You're an idiot, I hope you CFAD.
by Jagged Fel June 06, 2006
pronounced C-F-A-D or Ka Fad or See Fad
stands for

Cute From A Distance
From a distance they seem attractive, but as you get a closer look at them, there ugly, thus cute from a distance
For the bro's

Bro A: Dude check out that girl across the dance floor damn she is so bodacious
Bro B: Damn she is..wait hold on she's coming this way
Bro A: OH SHIT! nevermind C.F.A.D
Bro B: oh fuck bro, your right looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
Bro A: damn..let's go get fucked up
Bro B: ok -_-''

For the Girls
Girl A: Ooo girrl he is fine
Girl B: Damn I wonder what he looks like shirtless
Girl A: omgah girl he's looking this way, omgah he's coming over here
Girl B: oh fuck C.F.A.D damn let's pertend to be lesbians so he'll go away
Girl A: ok lol
by Johnny Is Brutally Honest December 07, 2009
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