One sexy beast, who gets it on with the ladies all the time.
I wish I could find a CDH who is as good in the bedroom as my ex.
by CDH February 04, 2003
Top Definition
Another name for dickhead.
haha i'm friends with CDH.. oh sh**!
by lovemeorhateme April 14, 2007
someone who is the ultimate jerk of jerks.....the jerk store owner.....the king of jerktown....someone who is the epitimy of the word jerk or any word reffering to a put it bluntly he is a jerk.
"Man you are such a CDH."

"That guy is a CDH."
by tdub05 July 18, 2009
Choke Dat Ho
I'm fucking salty my bitch ate all my damn doritos. CDH.
by cydknee February 19, 2011
Its When your palms are slilky smooth, but as hairy as your crotch...
Frequent Masterbation can result in CHD...
by Infinite February 04, 2003

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