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the original intended name for the New England Patriots. The owners were enraged that the NFL wouldnt allow Gaytriots and thought that Patriots would be a more American name for the team, but the truth behind thier name still rings out each and every Sunday during the NFL season.....
"New England Gaytriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn't have any chubes."

"Tom Brady is a Pervert 5000."

"Bill Belichick is a slop tart."
by tdub05 November 09, 2009
Hairy man chest hair. A cross between chest hair and pubes. Also known as Ol' Dads hamburger meat.
"Ol' Dad was getting his chubes groped by a cougar."
"Steve's chubes were not as amazonic as Ol' Dad's."
by tdub05 July 06, 2009
A word that describes an urgent, out of nowhere, unannounced, duece attack.
"I was right in the middle of a board meeting when I had to take a Shittakee."

"Man I hope Jim is ok, he had to take a Shittakee."
by tdub05 July 11, 2009
when someone or something is so nasty, grotesque, disgusting, vomit approved that no other word in the english dictionary will describe it.
Jim your wife is nastacular. Shirley's face is absolutely nastacular.
by tdub05 June 27, 2009
If a man has a house payment, a truck payment, a girlfriend, a wife and they are all a month late.
"Oh Jim is fucked!"

"Darren said he was fucked....he is."
by tdub05 August 01, 2009
Someone that has possibly three teeth in thier mouth, a very nasty grotesque toothless person, who also has dank ass breath.
"Man that guy is a triceratooth."

"Look there is a whole family of triceratie."
by tdub05 July 25, 2009
someone who is the ultimate jerk of jerks.....the jerk store owner.....the king of jerktown....someone who is the epitimy of the word jerk or any word reffering to a jerk....to put it bluntly he is a jerk.
"Man you are such a CDH."

"That guy is a CDH."
by tdub05 July 18, 2009
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