Short for the porno, "cum craving teens". can also mean the signature sex position cct guy (Lee Stone) does which is fucking while standing up and carrying the chick.
hey have you guys watched cct yet? its such a brutal porno.

Dude i cct'd that chick last night
by lawler123 July 24, 2008
Top Definition
An acronym standing for Combat Control. CCT troops are U.S. Air Force special forces operators that specialize in air traffic control and close air support missions in hostile war zones.
Those CCT soldiers lased the target building and now the hadji's inside are dead.
by Nathy March 18, 2009
Cha Cha that Shit
Tim: what is the state flower of wisconsin.

Steve: I dont know CCTS.

Tim: what?

Steve: Cha Cha that shit

Tim: Ohh.
by Lancebovance December 05, 2009
When an individual has an extraordinary camel toe.
Wow that girl doesn't just have a camel toe, she has a CCT.
by theecEAT March 04, 2014
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