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Computer-Aided Sexual Experience or Computer-Aided Sexual Enhancement software - programs used to enhance the cybersex experience, usually for both partners

CASE tools come in many varieties and levels of technology. One of the first was a program that let you remotely control a vibrator (attached to a control box) across the internet. You could actually control the speed of the vibrator by moving your mouse around inside a box drawn on the screen. Usually the male had the program and the female had the control box and vibrator. For some reason this equipment and software are no longer available. They were sold by one of the dating/matchmaking websites.

Since then, many other CASE tools have been created.
Some consider instant messaging and chatrooms to be good examples of CASE tools, since most cybersex occurs there.

(Does this mean Second Life is also a CASE tool?)
by dsimms January 14, 2008
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