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1. Chuck Norris’ groin tattoo.

2. Michael Jackson’s son Blanket’s blanket.

3. WWF Iron Sheik Mid Camel Clutch.

4. Dr. Seuss.

5. The Grinch after all the Whos down in Whoville sang Dahoo Dores (for the 3rd time).

6. Captain Jack Sparrow after some really bad eggs!

7. Men in Black.

8. Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story 1 rivalry.

9. Monday-Sunday night keg stands in modified Bob the Builder hats.

10. Eddie Murphy’s Couch.

11. Lance Bass on the Moon.

12. PSY auditioning for the Karate Kid.

13. Jay Z Black Label.

14. The “ FUCK IT “ Bucket.

15. Beanies in the Desert.

16. Not wearing a fitted.

17. Wearing a snapback that says “ PHItted “

18. Knowing when cops are on duty.

19. Mobile Art.

20. Myley Cyrus twerking with a Coca Cola polar bear skin.

21. Justin Bieber rocking Supra shirtless and wet.

22. Che Guavara Hat. (just the hat).

23. Charlie Sheen’s sheets ( HI-YO!).

24. Sweaty Rambo headband.

25. A Laurel Crown.

26. Snoop XYZ locks for Halloween.

27. Fighting Cancer.
28. Bill Clinton hairpiece

29. Barbie whipping her back and forth pre-Ken

30. Ken leaving Barbie for Black Barbie (weave)

31. Darth Vador pre-reveal

32. Finding Nemo : Gill : Tiki Mask : SHARK BAIT HOO HA HA !

33. Batman

34. Superman Curl

35. E.T. dressed as a babushka

36. 1 strand of Homer Simpson hair

37. Rafiki with the mango. SPLAT!

38. Baby simba sporting hyena skull headwear

39. Pinocchio’s nose as a clothes rack

40 Sherlock Holmes + Deerstalker cap + blowing bubbles

41. Clockwork orange caps


I.E. Proving haters wrong.
Hater 1 : " Dat Shits Hot!
Hater 2 : " Fuckin tough
You : Got dis joint from CAP SWAG. Suck it

I.E. moment when you realize the DISNEY WORLD OF HATS was real.

Abu the monkey : " ‘Aladdin, where did you get that taqiyah ( CAP )’ ???
Aladdin : This silly old thing ? not sure...I have always had my CAP SWAG

I.E. Your first HAPPY MEAL with a FITTED toy SURPRISE!

Happy little baby : giggle clap hands throw cheerios

Ronald McDonald : here's a side of CAP SWAG with your BigMac

I.E. : TUPAC and BIGGIE’S joint

BIGGIE : it was all a dream

TUPAC: just been hiding out at CAP SWAG

I.E. "Pissing off my principal, parents, parole officer, da po-po, and getting *U*** with my CAP SWAG."

“YEEZUS” baptism.

KANYE WEST : “ Amen. You have officially been CAP SWAGGED.”

JAY-Z : “ (Possessed Shaking) Preach. CAP SWAG is rushing over me.”


Facebook : Cap Swag. 227k likes.

Instagram : Cap Swag.
by August 29, 2013

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