cute ass mother fucker .

as said by;

charlie: "your are such a CAMF"
by ttaylorfaith May 08, 2009
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Crazy ass mother fucker.
Living it up not giving a fuck- that CAMF parked his car in their kitchen.
by Grondona December 30, 2008
To be a "Chill ass motherfucker," hence the c.a.m.f. Someone who would fall in line of this catagory is a listener of Sublime or a frequent beach dweller.
Dude, we were some c.a.m.f.'s just chilling at the beach.
by So cal chief March 05, 2004
Crazy Ass Mother Fucker. One who is just plain crazy as hell. They will do whatever. They will have their cake and eat it too, and they will tell you to shove it. Because they are a crazy ass mother fucker.
Jerrald is one CAMF.

I thought he was a BAMF.
No he's a CAMF fo sho.
by JFOX12 November 14, 2010
An insult: cock-assed mother fucker
Mike and Shawn are such camfs.

Hitler had his struggle (Mein Kampf), I got my camf (point to Shawn)
by TomBeer January 08, 2007
Acronym for Cock-Ass Mother Fucker- An annoying little bastard that no matter what they do they always mess up. Basically a scrub that you just want to punch in the face. Or they can only complete Frisbee throws on the curve.
"Dude, Brandon, your a C.A.M.F."
by TBK inc. January 07, 2012
Country Ass Mother Fucker
CAMF: "These chicken feet I ate done gave me gas."

by THE OG CAMF November 11, 2011
Cunt Ass Mother-fucker
That CAMF stole my wallet.
by SonOfDenny January 06, 2009

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