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Akin to a "BAMF" or Bad Ass Mother F*cker. A CAMF is instead a Creepy Ass Mother F*cker.

That dude at the party last night was such a CAMF.
CAMF's are often seen at large college parties, particularly the dudes that won't stop hitting on pretty girls, ya' know the relentless ones. Additional CAMF sightings are often on the street, for example when a women hopped up on drugs walks past you and starts shouting at you for no reason or a person walks past you having a complete conversation with themselves (and you just know they don't have a Bluetooth.)
by Mylifebelikeoohahh May 08, 2014
Classy Ass Mother Fucker
"Oh look at that chick, she is so CAMF"
by erklover March 20, 2012
Cunt Ass Mother-fucker
That CAMF stole my wallet.
by SonOfDenny January 06, 2009
Crazy Ass Mother Fucker
that C.A.M.F just fuckin jumped off the roof
by Nicholas Waldr January 11, 2008
cute ass mother fucker .

as said by;


charlie: "your are such a CAMF"
by ttaylorfaith May 08, 2009
cocky as a mutha fucka.
I'm feeling camf tonight, it should be great.
by shelbyMFcarollo January 01, 2010
Cocky ass mother fucker!
That kid is such a CAMF out on the football feel !
by turd 1313 June 30, 2010