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A person originally from California/CALI/Cali. that wants to change the laws of other states.

A CALI-fornicator wants all US states to conform to CALI/Cali/California. They also want other states to be economically structured the same as CALI/Cali/California.
A CALI-fornicator would be Californians moving to Nevada and petitioning for similar laws to those in California.
by WDOMKR March 15, 2011
1. Unwelcome guest in Arizona
2. Non Driving inbacile who comes to Az but never goes back home
3. Retard who uses turn lanes for passing cars on the right
4. That guy who thinks he has a cool car and doesnt realize normal people thinks he is a fucktard
5. Reckless driver that inspires you to get a bumper sticker that says "go back to California"
You can tell that car is being driven by a Californicator.
by Ken Gman March 05, 2008
Brown-nosers from California who move up to Washington State and take away jobs from locals and destroy everything in their path, including companies, the enviroment, and the lives of the inocent natives. An on going problem since 1989. See Caliprick or Throne Warmer.
That Joel guy sure has Californicated our cute little ski area !
by Slave-boy February 25, 2005
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