California High School Exit Exam.

The biggest waste of time and money ever.
"A fifth grader could pass the CAHSEE!"
by Caiphana November 22, 2008
California High School Exit Exam. A test you have to first take in your sophomore year, and if failed, your junior year, and if failed again, senior year. Don't pass it and receive a certificate of completion, not a high school diploma.
The CAHSEE is so easy, you'll wonder how those retards failed it 3 times.
by Nessykins :D February 18, 2007
A pointless test used to torture sophmore students with boredom. A large amount of time is usually given to take the test and it usually only takes about 30 min. It wastes about four hours of your life. However, it IS required to graduate and you DO get out of school early. :D
Helga: "dude, how did you do on the CAHSEE?"
Bruce: "it's the CAHSEE. How do you think I did?" >:(
by wosieposiepie March 08, 2011

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