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Chronic Status Update Syndrome.

When complete tool bags, who, have absolutely nothing else productive to do with their time, feel the need to be completely annoying by updating their Blackberry Messenger status every 2 minutes, to tell everyone on their friends list their entire life story for the day, and hope that somebody will care even the slightest little bit about their pathetic existence, when in reality, nobody gives a rats ass. Furthermore, people who suffer from CSUS would go so far as to announce such absurd things such as their death (or suicide) on their BBM status, but once again much like before, nobody really cares. Almost everyone knows of several people who directly fit this description, as it is a growing problem amongst young adults who are completely and totally unsatisfied with themselves and suffer from a huge lack of self confidence as well as a lengthy list of other mental and physical problems and/or disorders.
Bob: Did you know Meg is going to get retarded drunk tonight?

Joe: Yeah dude, I saw it on her BBM status 15 times already in the past hour. She suffers from a bad case of C.S.U.S.
by getit54 August 28, 2010
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